Why do we come into human form….

Why do we come into human form and do so many, many, times?

Your existence in the limited human form suggests the need for your consciousness to have things in limited form.

As your development progresses, so does your vision expand to encompass more and more of the universal truths that exist within you now as yet undiscovered.

The reincarnational wheel takes you round and round until finally your resistance becomes so transparent, so worn away through effort and experience, that you can see the holes in it.

You no longer believe in its fabric.

You then put the limited, doubting mind to the service of the heart.

All souls seeking their own identity follow various forms of confusion but it is a lighted path, though it may seem to go through terrible areas of darkness.

The purpose of the entire journey is to find Truth and then return to Truth wiser and better equipped to serve it and ultimately to be it.

The very act of incarnation is the statement of a soul’s yearning to become one again with the Light.

~ Excerpt from: Emmanuel’s Book, A manual for living comfortably in the cosmos. Compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton.