4 Keys

The 4 Keys to Greater Understanding, Progression, and Ascension

These keys more easily identify how a class, workshop or event, will benefit your spiritual progress.



KEY 1 ~ “Wisdom”

Knowledge of the truth through experience and teachings




KEY 2 ~ “Know Thyself”

Knowing and learning about your Individual Soul Self, Spirit, and current challenges.



KEY 3HaKEY 3 ~ “Heal Thyself”

Learn to heal yourself, psychically, energetically, and physically.



KEY 4TaaKEY 4 ~ “Tools”

Tools and Techniques to raise your vibration, communicate, utilize energy, and protect yourself.




 Service Provider:

In addition to the 4 Educational Keys, we have the Service Provider icon to identify when

experienced Practitioners are available to provide forms of Healing & Guidance services.