Visualize This

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Turn off the news media…instead, meditate…Visualize the Garden of Eden on Earth. That the vibration of Love is raised over all. Peace and abundance is the norm, and the Source of Universal Love and Light prevails for the Greatest Good of all Creation!

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Why do we come into human form….

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Why do we come into human form and do so many, many, times? Your existence in the limited human form suggests the need for your consciousness to have things in limited form. As your development progresses, so does your vision expand to encompass more and more of the universal truths that exist within you now as yet undiscovered. The reincarnational wheel takes you round and round until finally your resistance becomes so transparent, so worn away through effort and experience, that you can see the holes in it. You no longer believe in its...

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Truth is of God, Law is of Illusion

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There are two things: Truth and Law. Truth belongs to God, Law belongs to Illusion. Illusion is infinitely vast yet it is governed by Law. The ‘law of cause and effect’, which none can escape, belongs to this Law. Law is bondage. Truth is Freedom. Law upholds Ignorance. Truth upholds Reality. Law governs imagination which binds you to Illusion. Truth sets you free from Illusion. Although it is the nature of imagination to run riot, it is restricted to the definite and minutely precise pattern of bindings created and upheld by the...

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Creating Liberty, Freedom

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Ascension Path Alliance is creating liberty and freedom within the spiritual community that has been lost for many, many, years.

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Reality is…

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“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”  ~ Albert Einstein

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Greatest Need…

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“The greatest need of mankind today – and I say this unequivocally – is the development and the nurturing of the sense of the universal as belonging completely to the individual. From thence is drawn the forgone conclusion that the individual must also be sensed as belonging to that universal cosmos. So received, simply invoke from God the purity of his divine plan for right change.” ~ Excerpt from the book “St. Germain on Alchemy”

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About Spiritual Alchemy

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“Remember that the goal of spiritual alchemy is to create nobility in the soul and virtue everywhere, particularly in the realm of the self. For how can men extend to the boundaries of other lives that which they cannot manifest on their own?”   ~ Excerpt from St. Germain on Alchemy

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By another name, is still the same.

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“I stopped being afraid of using the word God when I understood it wasn’t a guy dressed in a white robe, with white locks of hair, who will punish you for being naughty – as opposed to an infinite source of intelligent energy that we are all a part of.” ~ S.M.

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See the light…

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…and be it.

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The main thing IS to be aware of it’s existence. ~ Spirit Guide, Margreet

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