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Ascension Path Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit Educational and Healing Alliance for Humanity.  A supporter of the Metaphysical and Spiritual community sources for ascension of spirit and knowledge of our cosmic bretherenhood, by providing connections to education and services for “Wisdom”, ways to “Know Thyself”, “Heal Thyself”,  “Tools” you can practice with, and access to a network of existing practitioners and organizations for guidance & healing.


Awakening to the knowledge of Ascension of humanity and this World and to provide the tools and techniques to practice uplifting our own vibrations into enlightenment, joy and well being. In that way, we may have an ever closer connection with the source within, and be an integral part of the spiritual evolution of the planet, and achieve our own progress of ascension. Teachers, Staff, Healers, Mediums, Readers, Students, Supporters, and Volunteers come from many different spiritual traditions. It is not necessary for everyone to hold the same beliefs in order to participate in alliance activities. However, all associates hold one thing in common: A commitment to the expansion of Light and Ascension for Humanity.



1) Clair Sense Youth & Families program.  We plan to provide a safe place for information and meeting together for the parents and children to understand and grow with their intuitive ‘clair- sense gifts. This program will be led by instructors who thrive with these abilities.

2) Calling Home: Alternative Transition Services.  A program to calm fears and assist with a more tranquil transition back “home” by assisting individuals and families of the dying with connection to better understanding the spiritual realm.

3) AscensionList.com. A one-stop connection source providing a clear directory of vetted Providers and Centers available in one’s area or on the internet.

4) APA Connection Center (or Ascension Connection Center). Seattle and the surrounding community will be served by having a dedicated space where adults and families can gather, explore, heal, and learn.



Many of the topics of study were once known only to adepts of ancient times. Classes, Workshops & Events include: Ascended Master Study, Psychic & Spiritual Development, Native American teachings, Living Light Events, Himalayan Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Falun Dafa, Transformational Breathing, Psychic Healing Fairs, Book Readings & Signings, Healing Modalities, Tibetan Bowls, Ufology, World Healing Meditations, Qabalistic Tarot, Shamanic Studies, Drumming Circles, Movie Nights and more. Demonstrations and Workshops feature outstanding speakers and power point presentations. We also host a Meetup Group called the Cosmic Cafe ~ A Metaphysical Night Club with Guest Speakers and socializing, and the Miracles and Inspirations Meetup.



We are currently in transition to our next location, awaiting funding, and establishing new programs. Sign up for our announcement list (below) and we’ll keep you informed.




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